10 Common Reasons Responsible For Weight Gain

10 Common Reasons Responsible For Weight Gain 1 - 10 Common Reasons Responsible For Weight Gain
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Have you attempted to lose weight in every way possible and yet saw no difference? Do you envy your friends who always manage to stay active, healthy and slim? Are you tired of always having to control yourself around food? If your answer to those questions is yes, then by coming here you’ve already won half the battle!

10 Common Reasons Responsible For Weight Gain 1 - 10 Common Reasons Responsible For Weight Gain

Staying healthy is easier said than done, but it is not impossible. So, here’s some good news for you. We have composed a list of 10 reasons why you are probably gaining weight along with ways to avoid the same.

1. Skipping Breakfast

1. Skipping Breakfast - 10 Common Reasons Responsible For Weight Gain

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. As the saying goes “Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper,” and that is exactly what everyone must do! Eating a wholesome breakfast is the key component in a healthy diet. According to studies, people who skip breakfast tend to put on weight faster and have a higher chance of obesity.

2. Unhealthy Diet

Just like breakfast, it is essential to consume a healthy diet throughout the day in order to keep your weight in control. Eating three heavy meals is what most people follow but switching to six short meals through the day is what most diet experts suggest. Six meals a day keep your metabolism humming and your sugar levels in control.

2. Unhealthy Diet - 10 Common Reasons Responsible For Weight Gain

However, this diet trick only works if you avoid overeating. These six short meals should be in small proportions. The diet includes eating all the right kind of nutritious fruits and vegetables along with low-fat cheese, hummus, graham crackers and wholegrain cereal.

3. Constantly Staying Indoors

3. Constantly Staying Indoors - 10 Common Reasons Responsible For Weight Gain

It is vital that your body be exposed to the outdoors during the day, for at least 30-40 minutes in order to affect your body mass. Any kind of outdoor activity, even going out for grocery shopping, is great for your body. This is because sunlight helps your metabolism work better. Metabolism, in turn, regulates your weight as well as keeps you active. Being active mentally and physically keeps you from gaining weight. Hence, staying indoors and in the dark is just the worst idea for your body.

4. Not Exercising Or Staying Active

4. Not Exercising Or Staying Active - 10 Common Reasons Responsible For Weight Gain

In order to avoid weight gain it’s important for your body to be active and get used to it. Any kind of exercise is better than no exercise at all. For this, you must set aside a minimum of 20-30 minutes a day. Experts suggest that exercising in the morning is the best time to create energy and release it in the form of sweat. If you can’t make time for exercise then you can cycle or walk to the required destination. This definitely counts as an outdoor activity, so now you can kill two birds with one stone!.

5. Insufficient Sleep

Sleep plays a huge role where weight gain is concerned. It is crucial for your body to receive at least seven hours of sleep if not nine, every night. Along with following a healthy diet, you must also maintain a good sleep pattern. Lack of sleep leads to the release of a weight-gaining hormone called ‘cortisol’.

5. Insufficient Sleep - 10 Common Reasons Responsible For Weight Gain

Cortisol releases sugar, which is originally stored in the muscles and liver. This is then converted into fat, which accumulates in the abdomen. Losing out on sleep may also result in the increase of coffee and sugar intake in order to keep you going through the day, all of which add on the pounds. Likewise, excess sleep can also cause a risk of obesity.

6. Staying Up At Night

Staying up late at night on your phone or laptop is not a good habit. This unhealthy habit not only ruins your sleep schedule but also makes you lazy. You are more likely to procrastinate and skip exercise. Additionally, you don’t feel active mentally or physically.

6. Staying Up At Night - 10 Common Reasons Responsible For Weight Gain

Studies say, scrolling through your phone at night causes insomnia. Your brain needs to shut down at night, but instead, it is being charged with activity. Thus, neurons begin to race, which is the opposite of what should be happening before falling asleep. Additionally, sleeping with the light on at night can also cause weight gain due to cortisol release, as it’s a distraction for the brain.

7. Stress And Depression

7. Stress And Depression - 10 Common Reasons Responsible For Weight Gain

Stress and depression go hand in hand. Excessive stress can cause depression, which is not good for your health. Chronic stress also generates cortisol. Thus, people who are depressed tend to put on weight very easily.

8. Irregular Eating Habits

Overeating becomes a huge problem if one does not know when to put a stop to their portion intake. Portion control is a growing problem today, especially among the youth. This can be the first sign of an eating disorder.

8. Irregular Eating Habits - 10 Common Reasons Responsible For Weight Gain

To avoid over eating, try using small utensils for smaller meals and never eat directly from a packet or box as this eliminates self-control. Skipping a meal is just as bad as overeating, for when it is time for your next meal, you tend to overeat anyway. Find a balance and follow your diet daily for a healthy lifestyle.

9. Avoiding Weight Checks

9. Avoiding Weight Checks - 10 Common Reasons Responsible For Weight Gain

It is crucial for you to check your weight every morning or night before you sleep. This guides you to keep a track on your weight and to control yourself from putting on additional weight. Also, if there was a significant gain in weight you would know exactly if it were due to a recent food splurge or if you missed out on a day of exercise!.

10. Zero Calorie Foods

Most people go for zero calorie foods, however, that is the worst thing for you! Zero calorie soda does not keep you slim. Moreover, they are filled with synthetic estrogen, which in turn, affects your thyroid gland that happens to be responsible for weight gain.

10. Zero Calorie Foods - 10 Common Reasons Responsible For Weight Gain

So there you have it, these are the ten most common reasons responsible for weight gain. I hope this list of tips helped you realize the actual reason for your weight gain and can guide you towards a healthier lifestyle! Now, you can effortlessly lose those extra pounds that you’ve always wanted to.

Good luck!

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