10 Things That Catch A Man’s Eye Instantly

10 Things That Catch A Man’s Eye Instantly
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Ever since I forwent on the idea of magic and a fairy godmother (an education rained on my parade), catching the attention of the opposite sex has become too much of a challenge. And I’m absolutely sure I’m not alone in this, for many women often bemoan the same fate. You notice a cute fellow, you want said cute fellow to notice you, but how do you go about making that happen? Which, coincidentally, does beg the question – what about a woman attracts a man at first sight anyway?

10 Things That Catch A Man’s Eye Instantly

Well, if you’ve ever wondered – we’ve got the answers! Here are 10 attributes of a woman that men notice instantly and find entirely irresistible. Read on!

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1. Her Smile

Her Smile

If you look too serious, it may give a do-not-approach vibe and intimidate him. Similarly, if you appear too sad or miserable, you may come across as a girl with too much drama, which men aren’t into at all. What really draws a man into wanting to come over and strike a conversation with you is simple – a beautiful, genuine smile.

2. Her Intelligence

Her Intelligence

If he’s seeking a girlfriend, he isn’t simply looking for a gal with mile-long legs and dazzling dimples, he’s also looking for someone with a brain. Now, you don’t have to have an IQ to rival Einstein, but you should be able to make interesting conversation where you stimulate his mind and challenge his thoughts. If appearance is all that the woman has to offer, it probably won’t lead to wedding bells.

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3. Her Laughter

Her Laughter

When a woman laughs along with a man, her laugh can tell him several things simultaneously. If your laughter is honest, then it demonstrates that you aren’t afraid of baring your feelings and emotions. It also establishes that you possess a sense of humor, something that men idolize and consciously look for when seeking long-term partners.

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4. Her Honesty

Her Honesty

After all the stale jokes on men versus women, it should come as no surprise that men find it hard to comprehend a woman’s emotions and feelings. As politically incorrect as this may sound, they are too clueless a species to figure things out on their own – they need a woman to tell them exactly what she’s thinking! Hence, men prize a woman who isn’t afraid to be honest with them, for they can ultimately bond with such a woman.

5. Her Beauty Au Naturel

Her Beauty Au Naturel

Studies show that men prefer women with a ‘moderate’ amount of makeup (1). Anything over that makes them uncomfortable and gives them the impression that they’re being catfished. Hence, if you’re a woman who likes to go dramatic with her cosmetics – relax. Sometimes less is more.

6. Her Self-Reliance

Her Self-Reliance

Being an occasional damsel in distress is fine. It makes men feel good to feel wanted, and also flatters their knight-in-shining-armor egos at times. So, don’t be afraid to accept his help occasionally when you require it. However, do be careful not to cross that thin line between ‘desiring protection’ to ‘clingy’. The latter is a sure shot way to make him run as far away from you as you can.

7. Her Confidence

Her Confidence

Confidence in women is simply irresistible to men! And we can absolutely see the attraction; after all, when a woman is confident in her own skin, she exudes power and charisma. No matter what she wears – even if she happens to walk unconcernedly down the streets in her old pajamas! – men will only see the sexy stride of an exceptionally poised (and hot) woman.

8. Her Having Her Own Voice

Her Having Her Own Voice

When a man is considering an actual relationship, it is vital for him to find a woman who has her own opinion and isn’t afraid to voice it. Even though he seeks a partner who can love and support him through his career and all of life’s trials and tribulations, he also searches for a woman who can tell him when he’s going wrong.

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9. Her Scent

Her Scent

Every woman must carefully select a fragrance unique to her, for it helps to give a man a glimpse into her personality without even exchanging a word. Additionally, our olfactory senses (read: sense of smell) are the quickest of the five senses in terms of producing an emotional response (2). So, if you smell memorable, trust us, you’ll linger on his mind even after you’re long gone!

10. Her Femininity

Her Femininity

Some women often confuse looking feminine with being weak or inferior in some way. However, that is as far from the truth as possible! A woman should never be afraid of showing the world who she is – a woman. You aren’t silly or vapid. So, be proud of your identity!

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There you have it, folks – the top ten attributes a woman may possess that can not only catch a man’s eye but hold it as well! Did you agree with our list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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