10 Ways To Flirt Without Saying A Word

10 Ways To Flirt Without Saying A Word
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Not everyone can flirt, even if they badly want to do so. Some have a gift with words and can say just the right thing without being awkward. And then there are others, who don’t even require words and can express their interest with just a quick gaze or a smile. But if you aren’t one of these people, then a lesson in body language for the aspiring romantic may just help you hit it off with your crush.

10 Ways To Flirt Without Saying A Word

Alternatively, if you’re already in a relationship but are clueless when it comes to being playful – this may work for you as well! Read on to discover the 10 best ways to flirt without exchanging a single word.

1. Playing With A Lock Of Hair

Playing With A Lock Of Hair

Twirl your hair casually, but do not look too pointedly at your person of interest when you do that. You may come across as too sexy. You can also play with your hair by tossing it back or shaking it. You have a playful side, and this is one way of showing it to him!

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2. Get Slightly Closer

Get Slightly Closer

If he is seated to your right, lower your right shoulder towards him, and incline your head in his direction to show that you are all attention. In case he is seated opposite to you, lean towards him to set off some positive vibes. If you observe other couples, you might notice how often they lean towards one another to indicate their interest,

3. Cheering Him Up With A Smile

Cheering Him Up With A Smile

Men love it when women smile at them. It is a sure sign of interest and might give him the courage to approach you. A smile might not seem like much of an effort, but it does bring out the best in men! A pretty smile has inspired painters, photographers, and movie makers the world over. In your case, it may win the heart of the man who appeals to you.

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4. A Touch Tells A Lot

A Touch Tells A Lot

Men are quick to understand this signal. Touch his arm with your hands as you speak to him and you will see how much he enjoys this kind of attention, especially if you do not usually touch people during conversations. This will be seen as a ‘move’ and can propel your relationship to the next level.

5. The Power Of Eye Contact

The Power Of Eye Contact

When you greet someone or nod at them, your eyes meet for a brief second. This establishes a rapport useful at work and in social gatherings. But if you want to convey your romantic feelings to this person, prolong your eye contact for a few seconds more than necessary. Your eyes can warm him up and encourage him to come over and chat with you.

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6. Straighten Up

Straighten Up

Slouching can ruin your appearance, even if you are wearing designer clothes from an exclusive boutique. Lift your chin up and square your shoulders and walk gracefully. A good posture is not a requisite just for soldiers and models. Standing straight also highlights the feminine side of you and he will notice the gentle curve of your neck. Hold yourself with poise when you speak to him.

7. Wrists To The Rescue

Wrists To The Rescue

Feminine wrists are attractive and men admire their delicate slenderness. Showing off your pretty wrists is one of the easiest ways to attract the attention of someone you like. A pretty bracelet or a temporary tattoo would add glamor to the trick!

8. A Perfect Pout

A Perfect Pout

A playful pout when you say goodbye will send the message. Wear some lip gloss or a great shade of lipstick to make that pout all the more attractive. Some girls keep their lips lightly parted when they share a look with a man.

9. Look Royal With Crossed Legs

Look Royal With Crossed Legs

When you cross your legs, and uncross them again, men know that you want to draw their attention to you. An aspiring model is often taught how to cross her legs in the most attractive manner. Which is to cross them at the knee, and press one leg parallel to the other. This enhances a woman’s muscle tone and makes her look like quite a catch! As we spend a lot of time sitting, a little time spent on practicing the perfect sitting pose would be worth all the effort.

10. Bite Your Lips

Bite Your Lips

Licking or biting the lower lip will not go unnoticed, and the guy will classify this as a bold move and respond to it!

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Most often people are nervous about talking to an interesting person of the opposite sex. You just may say the wrong thing, especially to the guy who looks cute and interesting, and ruin everything. So, start with these gestures, for then it will be the man’s turn to indicate if he likes you too!

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