13 Things About Your Relationship That Should Not Be Shared On Social Media

13 Things About Your Relationship That Should Not Be Shared On Social Media
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Letting the world know how much you and your partner love each other is now super easy. Thanks to social media, you can now broadcast practically every moment of your relationship – right from the major milestones to the little fights.

13 Things About Your Relationship That Should Not Be Shared On Social Media

But then the question that arises is – how much sharing is too much sharing? And do you have to maintain social media etiquettes when going public with your relationship?

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To be honest with you, publicizing – whether in the form of boasting or complaining – is not a good idea. Even when the temptation is super strong. So, here are 13 relationship-y things you shouldn’t share on social media, and with good reason!

1. Your Partner’s Personal Info

Your Partner’s Personal Info

Especially without their consent! Sharing your partner’s personal information on social media can put your bae in an awkward, and even vulnerable, position. Besides, it can also reduce the closeness between the two of you.

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2. Critical Comments For Your Partner

Criticizing your partner on social media just because you’ve had an argument is equivalent to publicly humiliating your partner. Not only that, seeking comfort online for your fights is barely a good idea when you should be focusing on fixing things. So, stop that now.

3. Announcing Your Pregnancy

Announcing Your Pregnancy

While there’s no harm in sharing the good news with the world, do not rush it. Taking back your words is only going to hurt, which is why gynecologists recommend you wait till the second trimester before making the announcement. Moreover, uploading the ultrasound is unnecessary.

4. Intimate Selfies

Selfies in which a couple is kissing are all the new rage! And while it’s great you’ve found someone you can have such a selfie with, sharing it on Facebook might not be a great idea. Not everyone takes kindly to it. Besides, intimate moments should be kept intimate.

5. Pictures Of Expensive Gifts

Pictures Of Expensive Gifts

Did your boyfriend just get you a Rolex? Good for you! But try not to rub the expensive gift items you’ve got from your partner into the faces of those who struggle to make ends meet.

6. Your Breakup Story

Breakups are undoubtedly hard. But sharing the story of your breakup online with your friends can make it that much harder. When talking about a breakup, it’s natural for you to trash talk your partner in the rush of emotions. However, if you don’t want to read that about yourself, don’t post it either.

7. Date Night Plans

Date Night Plans

You may want to share your excitement over that special anniversary date night plan with all your friends, but it’ll be best to hold your horses. Most of the people on your friend list can misconstrue your excitement for boasting. Not to mention it could even put you and your partner in a very awkward spot if the date gets cancelled.

8. Steamy Pictures On Your Partner’s Wall

Another one that’s a big no-no is posting steamy pictures of yourself on your partner’s wall. While it’s a great idea to share them on a messaging platform to help spice up your bedroom fun, doing so publicly can just ruin the intimacy.

9. Every Date Picture Ever

Every Date Picture Ever

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Kind of on the same line as the rest of the pictures mentioned before, but hear us out! The occasional cute date night picture can be heartwarming; however, if you’re subjecting your online friends to every single date the two of you share, well, it can be problematic. You see, people have the tendency to judge. So, unless you don’t want to face a barrage of rude comments, steer clear of posting private pictures online.

10. Rude Jokes On Your Partner

Crack them all you want when you are with your partner (even then, there should be a limit), but posting jokes at the expense of your partner online is not cool. Your partner may end up feeling disrespected, offended, and insecure as a result.

11. Underwear Pictures

Underwear Pictures

You really have to be careful about the photos you share online. Putting up a picture of the underwear you got for him can either make people think that your partner doesn’t give you much attention, or it could have them judging your relationship.

12. Minute Details

The world really doesn’t need to know that you and your partner were holding hands at 11:10 am and then watching a movie in bed at 11:20 am on a Sunday. It can get annoying for those who are reading.

13. Romantic Confessions

Romantic Confessions

No matter how strongly you feel about your crush, do not confess to it online. You have no idea how it’s going to be received. So, if you feel the feels, tell the person directly and build a romantic moment rather than a virtual one.

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It’s very tempting to flaunt your life and let people in on what’s going on with you. But you have to draw the line somewhere between private and public. Hence, do be cautious!

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