4 Times Your Vagina Needs To See The Doctor

4 Times Your Vagina Needs To See The Doctor - 4 Times Your Vagina Needs To See The Doctor
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There are many problems that women go through. Some are harmless and can be ignored, but when it comes to a vaginal infection, you must see a doctor and get it checked. Why you ask? Because your vaginal infection could lead to these four conditions which are definitely big red flags. If you have symptoms related to any of these conditions, it is better to see a doctor than to wait and worsen the situation.

4 Times Your Vagina Needs To See The Doctor - 4 Times Your Vagina Needs To See The Doctor

1. Burn Or Pain During Peeing And Discolored Discharge

Women can have difficulty in passing urine if there is excessive burn or pain in the vaginal tract. Moreover, if the discharge has a strong odor or is more yellow than usual, this could mean that the vaginal infection needs medical intervention right away.

The discharge can sometimes be frothy too! This can be due to a yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis (read: an overgrowth of vaginal bacteria), or even chlamydia (read: a sexually-transmitted bacterial infection). Prolonging the need to see a doctor can only make the situation worse.

1. Burn Or Pain During Peeing And Discolored Discharge - 4 Times Your Vagina Needs To See The Doctor

Most women suspect painful urination to be indicative of a common UTI and start taking home remedies or antibiotics without prescription, which in turn aggravates the infection.

2. Swollen Or Itchy Vagina

There are many reasons why your vagina could be swollen. Most times it could be because of an allergy caused due to a new underwear or detergent powder. Such infections can be cured with antihistamines.

2. Swollen Or Itchy Vagina - 4 Times Your Vagina Needs To See The Doctor

However, at other times it can be due to an STI called ‘trichomoniasis’, which is caused by a parasite and generally occurs in people who are sexually active. This parasite causes excessive itching that leads to burning, redness and soreness. If the excessive itching and redness does not subside even after taking prescribed anti-allergy medication, you need to go see a doctor immediately. You and your partner will be asked to get a lab test done in order to avoid re-infecting each other.

3. A Bump Or Lump Around The Vaginal Area That Hurts

Touched your vagina and felt something like a bump that you can’t identify? Before pressing the panic button – take a deep breath. If the bump or lump you feel is a general cyst then (thank God) it is harmless and doesn’t really require a medical treatment. In fact, it can be treated with home remedies.

3. A Bump Or Lump Around The Vaginal Area That Hurts - 4 Times Your Vagina Needs To See The Doctor

This condition is called ‘Bartholin’s cyst’? Every woman has two Bartholin’s glands inside the vagina that secrete lubricating fluid, which is a healthy thing, but sometimes they get blocked and swell up. The swollen bit often gets infected and may develop an abscess that could make it difficult to walk or sit comfortably. If the cyst pain gets bad to worse, you must consult a doctor at the earliest. Your gynec will perform a surgical procedure to open up the cyst and drain out the pus in the gland. The same thing can happen with another internal vaginal gland called Skene’s gland.

Sometimes you could be suffering from something as simple as ingrown hair. This occurs when you have shaved or waxed recently. However, if you can feel a lump inside or sticking out of your vagina, you immediately need to call your ob-gyn.

4. Bleeding After Sex

There can be many reasons why a woman may bleed after sex, which is medically referred to as ‘post-coital bleeding’. Premenopausal women usually experience this and the issue can subside in 6-8 months. Other reasons why a woman might bleed after sex could be an STI like chlamydia, vaginal dryness due to decreased discharge post menopause, damage to the vagina caused by childbirth or even due to friction caused during sex.

4. Bleeding After Sex - 4 Times Your Vagina Needs To See The Doctor
It is important to treat post-coital bleeding, as a major red flag for it also happens to be a common symptom of cervical cancer.
No woman should avoid or prolong this condition and should visit a doctor immediately for a proper diagnosis.

Women often tend to ignore the problems related to vagina. Everything is tagged as the usual UTI, which will eventually go away. But dear ladies, that awesome thing down there is delicate and precious. And it is your responsibility to take good care of it. So if you spot any of these four vagina-related symptoms, please go and talk to your doctor without any delay.
And the usual stuff: Keep yourself clean, practice safe sex, wear clean panties and keep your vaginal area dry. When on your period, refrain from using public restrooms and change your tampons or pads regularly within a span of 4-6 hours. Life saving tip: Remember to pee after sex and clean yourself thoroughly to get rid of any harmful bacteria.

And when you take care of your precious jewel, it shall bestow upon you a lot of pleasure in return. Just saying! *wink*

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