5 Habits That Turn You Into A Highly Productive Mom

5 Habits That Turn You Into A Highly Productive Mom - 5 Habits That Turn You Into A Highly Productive Mom
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If you’ve heard the famous quote by Lucille Ball, “If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it,” you would think she was almost exclusively referring to mothers around the world.

5 Habits That Turn You Into A Highly Productive Mom - 5 Habits That Turn You Into A Highly Productive Mom

When you become a mother, even though the people around you may focus solely on your new role, your other roles as an employer/employee, morale champion, sister, daughter, and every other role you actively play do not fade into the background. In fact, you are busier than ever, while also being at your most productive!

Some of you, though, might be slightly overwhelmed, or some of you might be apprehensive about your anticipated motherhood. Like every other stage in life, discipline is key to excelling in motherhood as well. So, we browsed around for some stellar advice and found you the most common habits of highly productive mothers!

1. Sleep

Sleep - 5 Habits That Turn You Into A Highly Productive Mom

Not just the beauty kind, but the deep, soul-restoring kind too. As a mother, you automatically learn the art of delegation. Rope in your partner, your BFF, your sister, your parents, your best friend – do what you have to do but ensure you get sufficient sleep so that you will have the energy you need to make sense of the world for others.

2. Prioritise

Prioritise - 5 Habits That Turn You Into A Highly Productive Mom

This one goes right along with the previous one. Once you have your priorities clear, you will know what is essential to delegate so that you can spend your energy on what is most dear to you. Perhaps this could mean your first half of the day is reserved for the child. If that means your team has to pull on without you until afternoon, so be it. It could also mean that your domestic help is only asked to come in the afternoon, so that your precious play-and-cuddle time is uninterrupted.

Whatever it is, do not hesitate to ask for it. If you have older children, work around your schedule to fit them in. But also teach them to respect your schedule. You could use an example such as not waking them up before 7am even though you are free then, so they should learn not to disturb you during work hours.

3. Head Space

Head Space - 5 Habits That Turn You Into A Highly Productive Mom

Perhaps after the morning feed when your little one falls asleep, allocate a few precious minutes to just clear your head and being positive about your life. This could involve writing thoughts of gratitude in your journal, sipping coffee in your balcony (or your favourite spot) while reflecting upon your life, or just writing down lists and intentions of the day. Take a selfish break before joining the bustle.

4. Time Management

Time Management - 5 Habits That Turn You Into A Highly Productive Mom

If you have an older child, start teaching them about time management. If play time is between 7 and 7.30pm, teach the child that he has to be done with school work before then or that he will have to entertain himself when you get busy after 7.30pm. Productive people allocate time for each activity (including social meetings) to optimise their efficiency. This also goes for friends and family. Clarify to the person when planning that you can only allocate so much time on certain days for a particular activity.

5. Inculcate Independence

Inculcate Independence - 5 Habits That Turn You Into A Highly Productive Mom

Behind most productive mothers are independent children and spouses. Co-dependent relationships rarely foster productivity. Set an example in productivity to those around you. Children can be taught to be self-sufficient and depend on themselves to be entertained, and partners must be taught to look after household work, social relations, and children without your anchoring. Knowing that the house will not catch fire if you blink will go a long way in boosting your productivity.

The fine art of delegation is more of a necessity than a luxury during motherhood, and you have no reason to feel guilty about creating space for yourself to pursue your goals outside motherhood. Continue to draw up a list of your to-dos in your other roles to ensure you stay on top of your priorities.

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