5 Things I Wish To Hear From My Mom-In-Law During Pregnancy

Things I Wish To Hear From My Mom In Law During Pregnancy - 5 Things I Wish To Hear From My Mom-In-Law During Pregnancy
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As women, many changes happen to us throughout our lives – from physical and emotional to social – and handling all of them can sometimes get a bit overwhelming. Additionally, with pregnancy, comes an even more intimidating set of challenges to deal with.

Things I Wish To Hear From My Mom In Law During Pregnancy - 5 Things I Wish To Hear From My Mom-In-Law During Pregnancy

Once it sinks in that you’re pregnant, you feel ready to share the news with the world. It’s such a big surprise that you can’t wait to see the reaction of your parents, friends and relatives on hearing the announcement; a shout, a squeal, a bear hug and what not!

But you also wonder how your in-laws would react, because the announcement of your pregnancy is a big step in your life, and you really do not expect a small, faded reaction. Isn’t it?

The relationship between a daughter-in-law and her in-laws can be a bit complex, but a new addition to the family is expected to make the bond grow stronger. As a daughter-in-law, you should be treated in a special way, beginning with how your mother-in-law greets and acknowledges this happy news.

When the mother-in-law expresses happy sentiments of rejoicing and revelry, it comforts the daughter-in-law and makes her feel at ease. Here’s what every daughter-in-law wants to hear from her husband’s mom when she breaks the pregnancy news:

1. ‘I’m So Excited!’

It is natural that the to-be-mum would receive best wishes and congratulations from everyone. An extra-happy mother-in-law exclaiming something like, “What a delightful news!” or “I am so excited that I can hardly wait” in the moment can give that burst of happiness and confidence to the to-be-mum and make her feel special and valued.

2. ‘Your Baby Would Be Lucky To Have You As Mum’

There are so many mums-in-law who start preaching things the moment they hear the big news. Instead, if they take out some time to tell their daughter in law that she would make a great mother, it could end up meaning the world to her. Such genuine encouragement and support strengthens their relationship, with the reassurance doing wonders.

3. ‘Help Is Here!’

Pregnancy can be a difficult phase, especially if you are a first-time mum. If the mother-in-law pitches in with her help and affection, it can be a much smoother journey. Asking the daughter-in-law if she needs anything, helping her with her chores and being cheerful around her is comforting enough to make her feel at home, quite literally.

4. ‘I Am There For You’

The way a woman can understand and feel the highs and lows of pregnancy, nobody else can. And that is why the role of a mother-in-law becomes so important. When the daughter-in-law is feeling anxious, or is craving for something to eat, or is indecisive about what to buy for the child, the mother-in-law can pitch in to help her with her support, care and suggestions. And it would be the most wonderful thing for the expectant mum.

5. ‘Let Your Mum Join In!’

The way a new mum bonds with her own mother, she probably can’t with anyone else. And if the mother-in-law understands and includes the co-mother in the preparation and plans for the new baby, it would make the expectant mum only happier and more comfortable. Also, it will be an added help and company.

Having a baby in the house is a perfect time to nurture the relationship between a mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law. The mum-in-law can make this experience of motherhood a fulfilling, enjoyable and fun one with her loving support, keeping any negativity or criticisms at bay, and that is what all daughters-in-law want – that their mothers-in-law be the image of their own mothers during these times.

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