The 50 Things You Should Do For Your Relationship To Last!

the 50 things you should do for your relationship to last41029587 - The 50 Things You Should Do For Your Relationship To Last!
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Relationships are mostly fragile, at least in the initial stages. And though they may become stronger as time passes by, sometimes one wrong move can spell doom! The next thing you know, you’ll find yourself drowning in alcohol and screaming/singing heartbroken tunes in the dead of the night. Not a very pretty picture, indeed.


However, you can prevent this disaster from coming forth and destroying what you and your significant other have by doing some very simple things! Here are fifty things you should do if you want your relationship to last a lifetime:

say thank you as often as possible1694187864 - The 50 Things You Should Do For Your Relationship To Last!

1. Say thank you as often as possible. Whether it’s for the big things or the small ones – it’ll make your partner’s day.
2. Be the responsible one. Make sure you can be counted upon and that you never waste money, time or effort.
3. Have etiquettes. This means no more sneezing without a hanky or yelling at your partner.
4. Joke around. Fun is what keeps a relationship going even after years!
5. Be independent. Even if your partner is the chef of the house, you shouldn’t stop yourself from making the occasional sandwich.
6. Be mature. Standing up for what you believe in while respecting your partner’s views can go a long way.
7. Keep in touch with mutual friends and family. Just the annual birthday card won’t do.

host social gatherings692357394 - The 50 Things You Should Do For Your Relationship To Last!

8. Host social gatherings. As a couple, it’ll bring you closer to each other’s friends and family.
9. Ask before you do. Do not throw away his favorite action figure or his favorite t-shirt without his consent. Take permission.
10. Maintain good hygiene. Long nails, bad breath, body odor – eliminate the turn-offs!
11. Be proud of yourself. Don’t lower your standards just because you have a bae now.
12. Take out me-time. Granted, ‘we-time’ is important, but me-time is crucial!
13. Have perspective. Seeing things the way your partner sees it can help you understand them better.
14. Let your partner breathe. Not every activity has to be a ‘couple activity’. It’s okay to have individual interests.

take hints1964943410 - The 50 Things You Should Do For Your Relationship To Last!

15. Take hints. Some partners like being complimented frequently, others don’t. Find out how your partner is.
16. But still, compliment. Regular, genuine compliments are an inexpensive way to make your partner feel good.
17. Practice equality. Never ever maintain double standards for anything!
18. Read and let him read. Indulge in a book either to increase your intellect or to escape reality.
19. Don’t criticize. If you can’t handle criticism, don’t dole it out either.
20. Stop with disparaging names. Calling each other idiot, stupid and other such things is not cool.
21. Never exaggerate. Exaggerating leads to ugly fights. Hence, stop.

be neat637904595 - The 50 Things You Should Do For Your Relationship To Last!

22. Be neat. A tidy and clean house is one way to avoid the ‘I lost my other sock’ fight.
23. Put the toilet seat down. Set the ‘toilet seat down’ rule in your house to prevent arguments.
24. Don’t beat around the bush. Be open about what you feel and say it directly.
25. Don’t keep secrets. Privacy is good but keeping secrets from each other is not.
26. Encourage. Always motivate your partner to be their best.
27. Talk dirty. Talking about sex can help you discover what each of you want in between the sheets.
28. Improve yourself. Keep honing your skills and qualities to be a better human being for your partner.

shun the negativity1340980943 - The 50 Things You Should Do For Your Relationship To Last!

29. Shun the negativity. Stop doing those little things that annoy your partner.
30. Do small positive things. Do anything small that makes your partner smile or laugh heartily.
31. Surprise your SO. It could be a box of chocolates, movie tickets – the possibilities are endless.
32. Celebrate together. Anniversaries, birthdays, promotions – raise a toast when the moment calls for it.
33. Kill the ego. When you’re wrong, admit your mistakes and be the bigger person.
34. Be self-aware. Keep interrogating yourself to know if you’re causing problems or bringing happiness into the relationship.
35. Stay fit and active. It’s a way to stay attractive for your partner and healthy for yourself.
36. Don’t keep score. Divide up chores equally but try not to keep scores as that leads to trouble.

make friends together 520x3341802347248 - The 50 Things You Should Do For Your Relationship To Last!

37. Make friends together. Introduce your partner to your friends and make new friends to widen that social circle.
38. Keep your personal interests alive and let your partner do the same independently.
39. Travel together. It’s a great way to grow and evolve together.
40. Have faith. It doesn’t matter what you believe in, as long as you believe in a greater force.
41. Adapt. Keep changing with the times instead of staying stuck in rewind.
42. Be open to change. Things will change, even in your relationship. Accept that.
43. Stick by each other in sickness and in health. Give your partner the love and support they need in good times as well as bad.

forgive and forget1173731349 - The 50 Things You Should Do For Your Relationship To Last!

44. Forgive and forget. Let go of the fights and forgive when your partner makes mistakes.
45. Be genuine. Don’t forgive for forgiveness’ sake. Genuinely feel it in your heart.
46. Do not plan. Your relationship is not a pre-written script. Let the story unfold naturally.
47. Travel apart. Sometimes traveling alone can help you discover yourself.
48. Think long-term. Discuss with your partner how you envision the future together.
49. Don’t be rash. Breaking up because of a fight is always a bad idea.

say ‘i love you1004128685. - The 50 Things You Should Do For Your Relationship To Last!

50. Say ‘I love you.’ Let your partner know every once in a while that you love them.

By doing these fifty things, you can have a strong and stable relationship. However, practicing these can take time. So go slow and enjoy the ride!

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