6 Dangers To Your Child’s Health You Need To Know About

6 Dangers To Your Child’s Health You Need To Know About - 6 Dangers To Your Child’s Health You Need To Know About
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Becoming a new parent is a wonderful experience. You want to do your best to try and make your child smile and laugh. Nowadays, there are several toys and gadgets available in the market that help make it a lot easier for you to keep your child entertained. However, you must be cautioned that not all these toys are truly safe. In fact, some of these items can actually end up causing more harm than good. Below are six different items that parents must be made aware of before they purchase them for their children.

6 Dangers To Your Child’s Health You Need To Know About - 6 Dangers To Your Child’s Health You Need To Know About

1. Jumperoos & Baby Walkers

These items were designed to help babies grasp the concept of walking a lot smoothly. However, the damage they can cause isn’t worth it. Currently, in the USA alone, there are more than 8000 cases of babies being involved in accidents when using a baby walker.

1. Jumperoos Baby Walkers - 6 Dangers To Your Child’s Health You Need To Know About

Additionally, the human body is supposed to develop at its own pace. When you give your baby a support device that makes it easier for them to walk, you hinder this process. It may result in uneven strengthening of their muscles. Furthermore, their legs may end up becoming deformed. Due to these health hazards, Canada has put an outright ban on such products. You too should try and avoid buying your child a baby walker. Instead, let them grasp the concept of walking at their own pace.

2. Milk & Juice

Fruit juices that come in the form of tetra packs contain several preservatives, a whole lot of processed sugar and lack natural fruit content. These juices contain very few vitamins and minerals available in the actual fruit. In fact, excessive consumption of these juices may actually lead to dental problems as well as obesity.

2. Milk Juice - 6 Dangers To Your Child’s Health You Need To Know About

A baby must only be fed breast milk and should avoid consuming cow’s milk even after you have stopped breastfeeding them. Cow’s milk does not contain a high concentration of iron. It also contains several nutrients that are unnecessary for a baby. In fact, cow’s milk is too heavy for a baby to digest and may damage their kidneys and cause health complication such as dysbacteriosis or anemia.

3. Bright Toys

3. Bright Toys - 6 Dangers To Your Child’s Health You Need To Know About

Children are exposed to toys from a very young age. This is a period in their lives where they make use of their surroundings and possessions to shape their personality. Toys that have an unnatural color, make strange electric noises or contain strange details may end up harming your child’s creative thinking as well as the development of their personality. These may lead to several problems for your child in the subsequent years of their lives such as baseless fears and aggressive behavior.

4. Warm Clothes

Since babies are still in their development phase, they lack the thermoregulation advancement that we adults have. This makes them a lot more susceptible to overheating, which may lead to heat strokes.

4. Warm Clothes - 6 Dangers To Your Child’s Health You Need To Know About

Furthermore, by providing your baby with too many warm clothes, their body is unable to develop defense mechanisms against changes in the weather. This may lead to problems such as your child having a lower level of immunity than other children of the same age group. You must ensure that you choose clothing for your baby that is made from soft and breathable materials such as 100% cotton. One way to make sure that your baby is comfortable in their clothing is to check if their chest is dry and their limbs are pink.

5. Electronic Gadgets

Most gadgets these days are equipped with LED screens that emit a blue light. This light can damage your child’s sensitive eyes, which may lead to problems like cataracts and even blindness.

5. Electronic Gadgets - 6 Dangers To Your Child’s Health You Need To Know About

Additionally, when you opt to give your child an electronic gadget, you are essentially cutting them off from the real world, which causes them to become alienated from the people around them. This may affect the development of the frontal lobe of their brain that is responsible for personality, speech, decision-making as well as communication.

6. Seat Belts

Seat belts are meant to protect you from accidents. However, if you are pregnant, wearing a seat belt the incorrect way may actually cause harm to your child. You must ensure that you place the lower strap of the seat belt below your belly in order to make sure that there is no stress being put upon your amniotic sac.

6. Seat Belts - 6 Dangers To Your Child’s Health You Need To Know About

Although it is necessary for you to make sure that your child is having a good time and being exposed to all of life’s joys, it is necessary to ensure that you are aware of the benefits as well as health hazards associated with various toys and gadgets. Make sure you avoid exposing your child to the items mentioned above unless you are monitoring them.

Stay safe!

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