6 Low-Calorie Foods For Weight Loss: From Apples To Yogurt

6 Low Calorie Foods For Weight Loss From Apples To Yogurt - 6 Low-Calorie Foods For Weight Loss: From Apples To Yogurt
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Do you exercise daily and yet your weighing scale refuses to budge even a gram?

6 low calorie foods for weight loss from apples to yogurt2091687730 - 6 Low-Calorie Foods For Weight Loss: From Apples To Yogurt

Have you thought that maybe, it’s not you or your exercise routine, but what you’re eating? That’s right! Many a times we fail to notice the unnecessary, high-calorie foods we consume through the day and sometimes we just don’t bother to change our dietary habits.

Well, whatever the reason may be, here are six low-calorie foods that will definitely benefit you and show you the difference on that stubborn scale of yours. Following a strict diet can be hard and should require a cheat day. Hence, this list consists of alternatives for you to freely choose from, provided you continue with your workout routine.

1. Fruits

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Fruits are always a healthy diet choice and help immensely with weight loss.

  • Apples are considered as one of the most effective fruits for weight loss as it keeps your body full for a longer duration. This is because it contains a substance called ‘pectin’ that doesn’t allow the body to feel hungry as quickly.
  • Avocados and grapefruits are the two other fruits that are good for weight loss. Adding one avocado to your meal or eating half a grapefruit before your meal is a smart way to balance your diet.

2. Leafy Greens & Vegetables

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Every child is admonished for leaving their greens on the dinner plate – and for a good reason! Not only do leafy greens pack a punch when it comes to nutrition, they also help to prevent weight gain.

  • Leafy greens are extremely low in calories and carbohydrates making them the perfect addition to your weight loss diet. The most popular among them are spinach,lettuce and kale. Kale chips are a very popular snack that happen to be tasty as well as nutritious, and can be bought at any organic eatery store.
  • There are some cruciferous vegetables that are low in calorie as well, these include broccoli,cauliflower and Brussel sprouts.Fusing all these veggies together is the simplest way to achieve a wholesome salad. Although low in calorie, all these vegetables are super high in fiber.

3. Lean Meats

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Including at least one type of lean meat to your diet is very important.

  • If you’re a workout junkie, then adding chicken breasts to your meal is the best option for you as it contains a lot of protein, which is necessary for repairing muscles post-workout.
  • Among fish, salmon and tuna are nutritious as well as light. It can be added to your salad or you can have it grilled with some veggies.
  • Even though turkey is underrated, it is considered as a good protein source for weight loss. However, try to avoid deli, cold cut turkey slices as they are rather high in their sodium content.

4. Whole Grains

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Whole grains such as rice, nuts, oats, etc. are rich in fiber and protein too! It is very crucial to not buy refined grains as they are highly processed and equivalent to junk food.

  • Brown rice is a good replacement for white rice, even though both contain resistant starch, which is a low-calorie food.
  • Including oats in your breakfast with nuts, chia seeds, and quinoa seeds is a nutritious breakfast alternative and can last you up to 4-5 hours. Cooked quinoa seeds topped with a few whole grain nuts can be a heavy breakfast meal too!

5. Dairy & Eggs

Dairy products are known to be high in calcium, which tremendously helps in burning fat. Among dairy products, yogurt and cottage cheese are the ideal choices if you’re hungry between meals!

  • Yogurt contains probiotic bacteria which is beneficial for the function of your bowel movements. Always choose full-fat yogurt over low-fat yogurt, as it is loaded with sugar, which isn’t good for health. Yogurt also helps reduce the risk of type II diabetes and obesity.
  • Cotton cheese can be added to your salads or eaten sautéed with some veggies. It can also be eaten raw as it is quite filling. Cotton cheese is mostly just protein for literally every calorie! Hence, it is an amazing way to increase your protein intake.
  • Did you know that eating eight whole eggs can replace any one meal of the day? This substitute is extremely low in calories, healthy, as well as filling, and can suffice up to 6 hours! Caution: If you’re suffering from diabetes or high cholesterol, then please consult your doctor before consuming eggs.

6. Beans & Legumes

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There are a few beans and legumes that have shown low-calorie properties. They are kidney beans, black beans, and lentils. They are a high source of fiber and protein. Lentil soups are very popular and easy to cook, whereas beans can be boiled and added to salads or curries!

You can always mix it up and try different combinations to achieve a new dish every week. This way you won’t get tired and bored with your diet. So, there you have it, these are the six low-calorie foods that will benefit you in a positive way and will help you see a difference on that scale within 2 weeks!

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