6 Signs You Need To Worry About Your Child’s Stomach Ache Around Belly Button

6 Signs You Need To Worry About Your Child’s Stomach Ache Around Belly Button
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We often don’t notice regular medical issues like belly discomfort, thinking that they will disappear in a day or two. Kids may approach their parents complaining about their bellies hurting or having trouble swallowing.

6 Signs You Need To Worry About Your Child’s Stomach Ache Around Belly Button

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In response, parents may try to make them feel better thinking that it will be fine in the morning. But sometimes, that may not be the case. Hence, if your child has been recently showing these 6 signs or symptoms, alongside a stomach ache, do take note immediately!

1. Intense Pain

Sometimes, children’s stomachs hurt excruciatingly, specifically on the right. In many cases, it’s not a regular stomach ache but an indication that there may be an inflammation of the appendix.

The way to tell if the pain is a cause for concern is by checking whether the child feels a tingling sensation in the navel (1). Also, check if the child experiences additional discomfort when the area in pain is lightly touched, or when s/he inhales deeply or is in motion. When any of these symptoms stand true, it is time to go see a doctor ASAP.

2. When Nature’s Call Is Stressful

When Nature’s Call Is Stressful

Children under five years of age are prone to getting bladder infections. Such a state can cause difficulties in the abdominal area, and it’s likely to hurt while going to the loo. Hence, it is best to visit the doctor so that proper medication can be given to cure the problem at the earliest.

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3. When You Think It’s A Cold & Sore Throat, But It’s Not

It’s hard to judge in a child, but those exact symptoms can also be of pneumonia. Such a condition can even cause pain in the belly, and often the throat tickles a lot harsher than usual. You may notice that he/she has a fever and is struggling and gasping for breath, which is a clear sign that you need to take your child to the clinic (2).

4. Your Child Regurgitates Green

Your Child Regurgitates Green

When anything that comes out of your child’s mouth is green in colour, it is an urgency that you should never take lightly. The liver produces a liquid of that shade when the innards are obstructed for some reason, and this ends up causing nausea and vomiting. In such scenarios, please be sure to take your child to the emergency room (3).

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5. There’s More To Excretion

We mean blood. Sometimes, it may happen that tiny red spots are visible when your child goes to potty. This happens because of the solidity in the discharge. However, if the child also complains about the tummy hurting bad, then you may want to visit the doctor (4).

6. For Children Under One, Look Out When…

For Children Under One, Look Out When…

Your child won’t stop vomiting, the belly is in immense pain, and the tears keep flowing because the inner parts aren’t doing so well. Little ones may experience this difficulty when their intestines don’t function efficiently and are blocked due to a lack of smooth digestion. You will notice that the baby ends up bringing his legs up to the belly. When all these signs are present, please take your doctor’s advice.

All parents care about their children, and sometimes due to busy schedules, they may let little health issues slide. It can be dangerous, however, to not pay attention during those times because some of those small episodes are a cause for greater concern. Remember to notice when your child tries to seek extra care because he/she may actually need it.

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