7 Difficulty Reaching Climax During Pregnancy

7 Difficulty Reaching Climax During Pregnancy
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We all know how much your body can change during pregnancy and most of these changes aren’t the welcomed ones. Nausea, weight gain, mood swings, tiredness, and hormonal activity can really push you off the brink.

 7 Difficulty Reaching Climax During Pregnancy

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But if we told you that there is a lot of fun and pleasure to look forward to when you are pregnant, you might be surprised. But, it is really true. Despite all the odds that the body goes through, many women experience an enhanced craving for sensual pleasure and intimacy. In fact, it is said that the quality of your climax during lovemaking at this time also changes for good.

So, why does your body respond differently to under-the-sheets fun when you are pregnant? There are a few reasons behind this.

Firstly, when the intense hormone fluctuations of the initial weeks of pregnancy settle down, you feel more energetic and experience an increased physical appetite due to the long gap. However, it differs from person to person and some women also feel turned off due to weight gain and lingering fatigue.

Secondly, pregnancy causes your breasts, areolas, and your other private parts to become more sensitive due to the increased blood flow. Therefore, intimate touches feel much more pleasurable.

Thirdly, you also start liberating yourself from obsessively scrutinizing your body weight. Instead, you embrace your bigger chest and shapely curves, which make you feel so feminine.

Lastly, the time before your belly starts bulging out and movement becomes difficult, is a great time to enjoy a roll in the sack and rekindle the bond with your partner.

Now let us tell you about your climax changes during this phase and how they may affect your body:

1. More Intense

 More Intense

When you are pregnant, there is an increased flow of oxygen and blood to the pelvic area and this makes the climax more intense and enjoyable. In fact, many women experience multiple peaks of pleasure during pregnancy.

2. Experiencing Cramps

Experiencing Cramps

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It is natural to experience cramps after doing it, especially when you are pregnant. This is because the uterus contracts after the steamy session and, along with your heightened sensitivity in the pelvic area, both make it more obviously felt. However, the intensity of cramps differs from person to person.

3. Impromptu Climax

Impromptu Climax

Now, this may puzzle you, but during pregnancy, your hormones and the blood flow down there is so active that it may prompt you to feel the rhythmic contractions all of a sudden, even in your sleep. Not only this, the process also releases neurotransmitters that create a feeling of euphoria in the brain, which leaves you asking for more.

4. Enjoy It As Long As It Lasts

Enjoy It As Long As It Lasts

Such a magical response from your body to the changes may not last through the entire pregnancy term. In the last months of your term, the uterus isn’t able to contract like before, due to the increased baby weight. Therefore, the intensity of the climax also tapers off.

5. Aiding Your Delivery

Aiding Your Delivery

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Normally, intercourse and climaxes keep your pelvic muscles active, thus helping you with a smoother delivery. However, if you are at risk due to chances of pre-term labour, it is better to avoid congress. Otherwise, climaxes do not induce labour.

6. Feeling Liberated

Feeling Liberated

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To have a sensual session without the constraints of pills or other birth control devices makes it all the more enjoyable. Many women feel liberated to catch up on their dose of pleasure without having to worry about getting pregnant, because they already are!

7. Missing Out On The Fun

Missing Out On The Fun

While there is so much talk about having fantastic pregnancy pleasure peaks, there are women who don’t feel it at all. It could be purely because their bodies are a bit unresponsive on that front, or they might be feeling low due to their bodily changes.

Being pregnant may not be the best time because of all the things that your body has to go through, but it is definitely not the worst time as well. So, enjoy your pregnancy and the joys of intense intimacy as long as you can!

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