8 Tricks That Can Make Your Man Never Cheat

8 Tricks That Can Make Your Man Never Cheat
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Have you come across a woman who is totally secure about her relationship? I am sure you never saw her in flesh and blood, for she’s probably one of your favourite characters from your secret stash of trashy romance novels. Most women we know (including myself) harbor some or the other kind of insecurities about their relationships.

8 Tricks That Can Make Your Man Never Cheat

Some insecurities crop up from the fact that we don’t really know how lovable and awesome we are. Others seem to creep in by the sheer fact that men like to look at other women! While we may not be able to make you the sexiest woman alive, we certainly can give you a magic potion to make your man stay away from all distractions and stay glued to you always. Read on to know the 8 little tricks to keep your man from straying.

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1. Be More Active Between The Sheets

Be More Active Between The Sheets

If you have been ignoring rushing to your bedroom for a while, it’s time you make those trips often. Making love goes beyond physical boundaries as it makes you and your partner feel wanted and loved. A passionate lovemaking can pump up the oxytocin hormone in one’s body. This hormone has been associated with the feeling of longing and need for each other (1). Hence, more sex means more oxytocin, and more oxytocin means a stronger need for each other. Need I say more?

2. Throw Caution To The Wind While You Are With Him

It is a well-known fact that men do not understand our unspoken feelings. So, if you have been bottling up those emotions or keeping your craziest desires a secret from him, he will hunt for someone who will let him know what she really wants. Be shameless and carefree with him and make sure you let him know what you really want. It would be very satisfying to see the effects of a seductive text you sent him to work today. In a nutshell, keep no barriers, and see how well he guards your relationship.

3. Tell Him Your Fantasies

Tell Him Your Fantasies

A man would drool over a woman who lets him in on her secret fantasies. Hence, keep no secrets anymore and let him know of your naughtiest desires that you would like him to fulfill. You will be beaming from ear to ear when they get fulfilled.

4. Play Seductive Games

I am sure as a couple you would be sharing many secrets that the world doesn’t need to know of. But are you sharing some secret sexy games that make you want each other more than ever? Have you tried coming up with such a game that would make him run to you at once, leaving all his day’s work forgotten? It’s time you got that thinking hat on!

5. Tell Him About The Big-O Too

Tell Him About The Big-O Too

Although he senses when the juices flow, you know how men are and how important it is to verbalize everything! Make sure he knows how high he took you and how amazing the climax felt! He and his ego would feel pampered and he would love you more deeply than ever.

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6. Let Him Know How Much You Lust For Him

Lusting for him isn’t bad, but not letting him know how much you crave him can be damaging. Men love to be told of how and what you feel about them. It is very important for a man to know how much his lady wants him.

7. Talk About Making Love

Talk About Making Love

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If you are one of those who prefers actions better than words, then let me tell you that in this topic words help big time in getting the action right! Talking about what you want to do is a great way to ensure some thrilling time in bed ahead of you. It gets the heat burning at a slow simmer then ends with a bang!

8. Get Dirty

Before getting dirty with each other on the couch, make sure you send plenty of those seductive messages to him. Dirty jokes may be dirty in the public eye, but between you and your partner, they are divine! The more you let him know your plans, the better would be the climax.

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A man would do anything for a woman who is confident about herself, open about her feelings, and has a good head on her shoulders. Being very sexy can attract a man to you, but to keep his eyes forever on you it’s going to take a lot more than just plain ol’ attraction. You need to make sure you massage his ego by making him feel like an object of your lust and cravings. So, be the woman your man needs and see how he always has eyes only for you!

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