The “childhood immunization schedule” is a protected revenue stream with legal immunity

Baby Starring Syringe Immunization Vaccine - The “childhood immunization schedule” is a protected revenue stream with legal immunity
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(Health News) Have you ever questioned why today’s children are receiving over 75 doses of vaccine, as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)? The CDC, owning several vaccine patents, is the vaccine industry enforcement arm and policy guide for pedestrians and hospitals in the U.S. The CDC’s “childhood immunization schedule” is so intense, pediatricians are now pushing shots for unborn babies still living inside their mothers.

Baby Starring Syringe Immunization Vaccine - The “childhood immunization schedule” is a protected revenue stream with legal immunity

Forty-nine or more doses of vaccine are strongly recommended before a child reaches kindergarten age. State legislatures rapidly introduce new bills that try to restrict a parent’s rights when it comes to making medical decisions for their children. Every state has in place a legal framework that forces parents to either obtain a written medical, religious or philosophical exemption to vaccination in order for children to attend public learning institutions.

Medical choice and informed consent was once an inherent right of parents; now parents must seek permission from the state to make medical decisions for their children. Many states now require parents to be “educated” on vaccines before they can get permission to forgo vaccinations. Some states are doing away with “religious” or “philosophical” exemptions altogether. Pediatricians, directors, nurses and hospital staff are required to enforce the vaccine schedule or risk losing their state-issued medical licenses. U.S. “immunization” policy is not about what’s best for the individual child. It’s about mandates — controlling laws that protect a revenue stream for pharmaceutical companies.

In 1986, the “childhood immunization schedule” was born with the passage of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. This law established legal immunity for pharmaceutical companies, setting up a backdoor court system that oversees payments to families injured by vaccines. For each vaccine sold, an excise tax is collected as insurance for the vaccine. The total tax collected is used by this vaccine payout system to pay off families who have been injured by vaccines. To date, over $3 billion in payments have been approved to disaffected families, with tens of thousands of cases blocked or ignored.

To pharmaceutical companies, this is simply just a cost of doing business. With this law, the vaccine makers can never be sued or held before a trial by jury. What’s shocking is that multiple thousands of claims are rejected as families are required to give burden of proof their child was vaccine damaged within 48 hours after administration. The short and long term exposure and accumulation of aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde and other toxins from the vaccines and how it affects an infant’s development is never considered.

The newfound legal immunity granted by this law created the perfect conditions for pharmaceutical companies to invest in new vaccines and lobby for them to be recommended by the CDC’s “childhood immunization schedule.” After the law took effect, the number of vaccine doses exploded, making way for an endless, protected revenue stream for pharmaceutical companies and their shareholders.

Only one independent study has ever been conducted to examine the effects of compounding use of vaccines in children, in regards to health outcomes and disease prevention. The study found that intensely vaccinated children have less incidence of two common childhood illnesses, chickenpox and pertussis, but had shockingly high numbers of chronic illnesses including: a 3,000 percent increase in allergic rhinitis, 590 percent increase in pneumonia, 380 percent increase in ear infections, a 900 percent increase in other allergies, and a 700 percent increase in neurodevelopment disorders!

Of all the other diseases the vaccines were supposed to prevent: rates for Hepatitis A or B, measles, mumps, meningitis (viral or bacterial), influenza, or rotavirus were statistically similar in both the vaccinated and unvaccinated populations. This was the first study to show how ineffective and unsafe vaccines really are in compounding doses.

Vaccines are approved to market if it can be proven they elicit an antibody response. That’s why adjuvants such as aluminum and squalene are added to inflame the subject’s immune system to force the immune system to respond. This aggregated immune response is the science used to make the vaccine look effective on paper, but what does this augmented immune response do to small children over time, especially considering the toxic chemistry of these ingredients? This hasty façade of science doesn’t confer lifelong immunity to disease; it only exacerbates immune system issues (including auto-immune issues) by bypassing (and thereby weakening) the body’s natural defenses (such as mucous membranes, microbiome, gastrointestinal tract etc.)

Almost every single child routinely damaged by vaccines (and those who are killed) will never be represented in court, never be compensated, or never fully understand the damage caused by this erroneous, compounding immunization schedule that is forced on them at such a young age. The pharmaceutical companies have legal immunity, and until we do something about this runaway scam, no family will ever be rightfully vindicated and no vaccine maker will truly be held liable for the damages they cause daily. (For more information, check out the tens of thousands of filed reports of vaccine damage currently being ignored by the government at or visit Vaccines.News.)

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