What His Gift Can Say About Your Love

What His Gift Can Say About Your Love
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What His Gift Can Say About Your Love

Hugs and kisses aside (and we’re being very vanilla here), gifting each other meaningful presents is another exciting phase in a relationship! And unlike other phases, this one goes on for life if you manage to never break up!

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More of like a 10th date thing, your man deciding to gift you something for the first time is a major milestone in your relationship. And he may not know this but winning your favor is not the only thing he is doing when he pops up that unexpected surprise.

What His Gift Can Say About Your Love

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The choice of his gift for you can say a lot about his attitude towards you as well as his character and whether he’s ready to treat you as a serious commitment or not. More so than words ever can! And no, this is not about the gifts you asked for yourself. It’s about those that he gives out of his own will and choice.

While your man can definitely surprise with a truly unusual and meaningful present, there are certain gift items that are quite popular among men: the kind they keep picking out for you over and over again. Now, these can not only tell you something about the kind of man he is, but they can also spill the beans on the nature of his love for you. So, let’s get started with this list of the top 5 gifts that speak more than they show!

1. Clothes


Coming at the top of the list are clothes. Probably the commonest gift item ever, it’s the type of clothing he gives you that can make all the difference. For example, he may choose to give you a cutesy clothing item like a pair of socks that you don’t need or even like much. And a gift like that says he does want to impress you but doesn’t really know you all that well, so he asked his mommy dearest to do all the shopping.

The other kind of gift you can get from your man in the clothing department can be a dress that you can’t get your eyes off or a blouse you think looks stunning. If he manages to pull that off, that means your bae totally adores you and knows just what would make you happy. Yes, he’s the kind who really listens when you talk!

2. Lingerie Or Shoes

Lingerie Or Shoes

Kind of falling into the category of suggestive gifts, it can mostly mean one of two things. One possible reason could be that it’s all superficial and that he’s in it just for the sex, which is why he’s getting you stuff that can make you more appealing to him. The other thing could be that both you and your partner have reached a stage of absolute comfort; hence, he gets you something that he thinks you’ll feel great in.

Besides that, his choice of the particular shoe or lingerie he gifts you with can also reveal a couple of things. For starters, he may pick something that is in accordance with your taste, which shows he pays attention. Or he may get what his ex-liked, which generally is not a good sign. Thirdly, his choice could also reflect that he’s really into fashion and wants you to look good.

3. Jewelry


One of the most special gifts your guy can get you is jewelry. Take it as a sign of his true feelings, for jewelry is a gift he’d only consider giving when he’s serious about you and the love that he shares with you. However, there’s a downside. If the jewelry he gives you just appears trendy and not carefully thought out, it could indicate a lack of attention while choosing the present, which translates as a lack of attention to you too. On the other hand, if he gets something really expensive and fancy for you, he may just be showing off.

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4. Concert Tickets

Concert Tickets

Now, this is an unusual gift and if your man gets you this, consider yourself lucky! Getting tickets to a concert (months in advance) shows that he sees you in his future and very much wants you to be a part of it. His feelings for you are deep and sincere, and he is really into you. Also, by getting you concert tickets, he silently expresses the desire of sharing experiences and creating new and beautiful memories with you.

5. Handmade Gifts

Handmade Gifts

The last one on the list (and another unusual one), handmade gifts (be it a card or something more elaborate) show that he loves you a lot and would do anything to make you smile. It also hints at the fact that he isn’t afraid to put in effort into the relationship and is kind of secretly hoping that you’ll be impressed by his ultra-romantic and sweet gesture!

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While you shouldn’t consider the gifts he gives you as a deal-breaker, they can still give you a good idea of what’s in his heart and mind. So, what’s the craziest gift you’ve ever received? Be sure to let us know!

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