A Handbook To Get Through Your Nine Months Of Pregnancy

A Handbook To Get Through Your Nine Months Of Pregnancy
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A Handbook To Get Through Your Nine Months Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a roller coaster of a ride! It is a journey of immense anticipation mingled with nervousness. Each day brings a new surge of joy wonder, where you speculate as to who the little human being growing in your womb is going to be. Although there are quite a few things an expectant mother must keep in mind while pregnant, we’re here to highlight the best tips for each of your nine months. Here’s your very own handbook to conquer the nine months of your term!

Month 1: The Beginning

 1st Month: The Beginning

A woman has to fine-tune her diet to her new situation, and make major lifestyle changes to cope with her pregnancy. She has to watch what she eats, and ensure that she gets enough fiber, vitamins, and minerals by eating vegetables and fruits. She cannot be careless about staying hydrated, and not be distracted by how often she gets tired and nauseous (1). Her family should also keep her cheerful.

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Month 2: Definitely Different

2nd Month: Definitely Different

The giddiness and exhaustion continue to trouble her, but what should comfort her is the knowledge that this is a sign of the baby growing inside her. Both the body and mind need rest. She should have her meals on time, and not add to the stress by feeling tensed.

Month 3: Flooded With Feelings

3rd Month: Flooded With Feelings

Regular checkups with doctors will ensure that the baby’s growth is normal and that the expectant mother’s body is not affected by the pregnancy. Doctors will check the blood pressure, weight, and general health of the mother to ensure that she completes her first trimester safely (2).

Month 4: Obvious Changes

4th Month: Obvious Changes

Vitamin supplements should be a part of the diet just as maternity clothing would find a way into the wardrobe. Yoga should also become a part of the daily routine (3). Additionally, this is the month when an expectant mother should apply moisturizing oil or cream over her skin to prevent stretch marks.

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Month 5: Unanticipated Cravings

5th Month: Unanticipated Cravings

As the baby grows, the expectant mother should adjust her posture so that her back muscles suffer minimal strain. She cannot lift heavy things or work constantly without proper rest. Doctors recommend fiber-rich foods that she must eat, such as nuts, whole grain, fruits, and vegetables.

Month 6: Meditation For Minor Irritants

6th Month: Meditation For Minor Irritants

At this stage, minor irritants such as an itching belly and constipation have to be dealt with. Moisturizing the itchy areas and eating healthy food at regular intervals help. Another practice that helps in coping with the increasing physical and mental stress is meditation.

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Month 7: Supplement With Iron

7th Month: Supplement With Iron

Iron supplements are prescribed from this month. Additionally, the size of the baby bump makes it difficult for a woman to sleep comfortably, which is why she has to find a convenient posture in which she can sleep and relax. If this isn’t done, lack of sleep and hormonal changes will cause unpleasant mood swings. An expectant mother may also experience minor contractions that are commonly known as false pain in this month.

Month 8: Stepping Back

8th Month: Stepping Back

This is the time when the expectant mother steps back from the stressful aspects of her routine and reaffirms all the lifestyle choices made during pregnancy by eating and resting well. Staying in touch with a network of friends and family who could offer help and support is very important.

Month 9: Almost There

9th Month: Almost There

The mother carries the weight of her baby now, and finds it hard to lie down or sleep. Women in this stage should be physically active and take rest at proper intervals. Doctor visits can increase, as the mother-to-be should be fully aware of what’s happening inside her body. Staying positive is important to face the challenges posed by the tough last months before delivery.

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In conclusion, one just has to remember that this is a natural process by which the embryo grows into a baby. The stress levels an expectant mother endures may vary from woman to woman, based on various factors such as age, general health, and environment. However, at the end of these nine months, a woman is a witness to a miracle that makes it all worth it – the birth of her baby.

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