The Happiest And The Hardest Years Of Marriage Are Finally Identified

The Happiest And The Hardest Years Of Marriage Are Finally Identified
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Relationships are like Tango – it takes two to make them work! For a marriage to last, both partners have to put in equal effort. Unfortunately, most couples don’t realize that, leading to a divorce rate of 1 out of 100 in the country (1). While these numbers may not seem like a big deal, but if you’ve seen a typical Indian marriage, you already know that it has cracks of its own and divorce is mostly not an option.

The Happiest And The Hardest Years Of Marriage Are Finally Identified

No, we’re not trying to scare you this wedding season. Instead, we’re here to help you make it work! A study released by Slater and Gordon Lawyers has found out which years of a marriage are the happiest and which are the hardest, so that young couples can work towards lasting a lifetime (2).

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The Happiest Year: 3rd One

The Happiest Year: 3rd One

When the 3rd year of the marriage dawns, most couples believe that love would fade leaving room for just fights and arguments. But that’s not true. It’s one of the rare cases where reality is better than the expectation! According to the study, the 3rd year of a marriage is when couples accept each other’s flaws and get more comfy with each other.

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The 3rd year is also the one where couples decide on starting a family of their own, thus taking the strength of their relationship to the next level. It is the reason why this year of a marriage is the happiest one!

The Hardest Years: 5th and 7th

The Hardest Years: 5th and 7th

The same study suggests that the 5th and the 7th years of marriage prove to be the hardest, and it is then that divorce is most likely. The first signs of strain in marriage show after five years. Usually, at this time, the children are too young, requiring constant care and attention. This results in a disrupted work-life balance and a hectic household. The 5th year, in fact, is believed to be the most difficult one.

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Another roadblock comes in the guise of the 7th year. The specialists of the study named the 7th year as “the wall” due to the routine family-life and the problems that come with – financial issues, childcare, and household-related issues.

Surviving this year of the marriage is a challenge. However, it is possible if spouses cooperate with each other to the fullest and find solutions to their problems together.

On that note, here are some tips that can guarantee your marriage will last a lifetime-

On that note

  • Keep your expectations low: Studies show that couples consider divorce because of unmet expectations (3). Hence, it might be a wise idea to keep your expectations low.
  • Communicate more: The silent killer of a marriage is, well, silence! Communicating with your partner, even about the most trivial of things like movies, can foster a healthy relationship (4).
  • Listen: Merely talking isn’t enough. You have to listen to what your partner is saying as well; especially during a fight. Partners who are unwilling to hear out the other’s point of view during aonflictc are more likely to divorce (5).
  • Spend less time on social media: Did you know that Twitter-centric conflicts can cause problems in your married life (6)? Some of these issues can culminate in a divorce, so it might be a wise idea to cut down on the time you spend on social media.
  • Sort out financial issues: Arguments on your financial situation can take an ugly turn and even lead to the much dreaded, divorce (7). Hence, it’s best to address your issues.

Divorce is an unpleasant reality that no married couple should have to face, ideally. However, if you love each other and are willing to make it work, you can have a happy and long-lasting married life.

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