Herbal Medicine Vs Orthodox Medicine

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Herbal Medicine Vs Orthodox Medicine

The ancient tradition of herbal remedies is making a resurgence and finding its way back not only onto the market, but more especially into the hearts of many people who, despite the availability of orthodox medicine, are redirecting their healthcare towards the raw provision of nature.

Traditional herbal medicines are naturally occurring, plant-derived substances with minimal or no industrial processing that have been used to treat illness within local or regional healing practices. Traditional herbal medicines are receiving significant attention in global health debates.

Herbs come in various forms ranging from local gin and herbs such as agbo gbogbonise, paraga, opa eyin, sapele water, atato, opelebe, dagrin, kainkain, jedi and karaole, among others.

The growing of herbs for medicine is fueling and is to some extent fueled by increasing scientific interest in herbal medicine. The World Health Organisation estimates that of the 35,000-70,000 species of plants that are used for medicinal purposes around the world, some 5,000 have been submitted for biomedical scrutiny.

Scientific evidence of the efficacy of medicinal herbs is beginning to emerge from randomized, controlled trials in which herbs compare favorably with orthodox medicines.

Another reason for the growing popularity of herbal medicine is that many people believe they are safer and more natural than pharmaceuticals. However, studies have shown that not all natural products are safe; some poisons are also natural.

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My grandmother was a herbalist. She taught me how to mix herbs to cure ailments. I grew up with her from the age of 15 years old. I was going to school  and at the same time returned to her shop of herbs learning different kinds of mixture of herbs and also their names. I have been involved in herbal mixture and I also used it to cure a lot of people who orthodox medicine could not cure even though a lot of people have abused herbal medicine. Selling herbal mixture, popularly called agbo, has also been a great source of income to me and my family. Why I Started This Home Remedies Blog As an educated herbalist , i have been into these work for some years now which  I have help so many peoples. One good-day  i thought about people who are not benefit from these like those outside the Nigeria or peoples who are shame  to seek for a herbalist. Then i decides to create a website so as they can contact me and i would gladly help them. I began this blog in 2017 out of a desire to share my passion for herbs and natural living with others. Above all, am a Muslim and am thankful for the daily love and grace Allah bestows me. I’m glad you’ve visited me here at my home on the web and hope you will join me as I continue down the road to healthier living and my mission to help peoples across the nation! Let’s Connect I would love to connect with you!  Feel free to subscribe to receive free regular post updates in your inbox!  Also, you can find me on facebook, twitter,

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