Insane feminist goes on national TV to claim “women can do no wrong” and all men are “toxic”

Tucker Carlson - Insane feminist goes on national TV to claim “women can do no wrong” and all men are “toxic”
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(General News) Men who embody their God-given roles as leaders, protectors, and warriors in society are doing it all wrong, according to Fox News “insider” and political columnist Cathy Areu. During a recent segment on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” this feminist magazine publisher tried really hard to make that case that masculinity is “toxic,” insisting that men are responsible for committing all of the crimes in society and that “women can do no wrong.”

Tucker Carlson - Insane feminist goes on national TV to claim “women can do no wrong” and all men are “toxic”

Kutztown University Professor Colleen Clemens was originally scheduled to appear on Carlson’s show after she publicly blamed masculinity for the recent Texas church shooting on Twitter. But after canceling because she said she “feared for her safety” due to her insane views, Clemens was replaced by Areu who had no qualms about declaring on the cable program that men are basically the worst thing since the Holocaust.

“Women are better, unfortunately,” Areu interjected as Carlson tried to figure out where Areu was going with her argument. “We are not the murderers of our society. We are not committing the crimes. We commit less than 20 percent of the crimes. So actually, men are not as good as women. We are actually better. We’re safer.”

The Latina activist proceeded to nod in agreement as Carlson hypothetically and facetiously asked Areu about whether or not masculinity could be “cured” by a man deciding to “become” a woman. Or if a man was lying on his deathbed dying from masculinity, would it be possible for him to overcome masculinity simply by disavowing it, to which Areu replied that she “would hope so.”

No such thing as ‘toxic femininity,’ says feminist

When further pressed about whether there’s a female counterpart to “toxic masculinity,” Areu was insistent that there’s not. To Areu, all females represent “sugar, spice, and everything nice,” while the only manta for men is that “boys will be boys.” Areu doesn’t believe that boys should be raised to be powerful or strong, and that only women should be granted these benefits.

“Why are women supposed to be nonviolent?” Areu asked hypothetically. “No, we do no wrong,” she added, reiterating that “women do no wrong.”

Viewers of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” may recall that this recent feminist rant on Fox Newscertainly isn’t her first. Back in May, Areu appeared on the show to argue that “breastfeeding is not natural.” Her argument was based on a study that had been published not long before in the journal Pediatrics that claimed that breastfeeding somehow “undermines feminism” because it insinuates that feeding babies is a responsibility solely for women.

Ignoring the fact that men do not produce nourishing milk to keep babies healthy and alive, Areu took the low road in declaring that people who claim that breastfeeding is “natural” are making an inappropriate statement because they are rigidly reinforcing gender roles. Further, Areu believes that breastfeeding doesn’t even come naturally to women (which implies that killing babies by not feeding them does come naturally to women).

“Can you take three steps back and acknowledge that there’s something pretty awful about inserting gender politics into something as beautiful and intimate as the first days of a child’s life,” Carlson petitioned Areu, in complete bewilderment of her insane position on the matter.

“No,” was Areu’s immediate response, to which she added that “breastfeeding is not beautiful” because it is actually “horrible.”

The icing on the cake was Areu’s response to Carlson asking her how species have survived since the beginning of time if breastfeeding isn’t necessary. In her view, the answer is that people “found formula.”

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