The Status Of Herbal Medicine In Nigeria
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Scientific Name: Butryospermum Paradoxum

Yoruba Name: Eso Ori

Common Name: She Butter Seed

Family: Sapotaceae

Part used: Seed

Medicinal use(s): Nasal decongestion, Catarrh, Hypertension, Diuretic, Antihelmintic.

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Allium sativum

Scientific Name: Allium Sativum

Yoruba Name: Ayu

Common Name: Garlic

Family: Liliaceae

Part used: Bulb

Medicinal use(s): Fever, Cough,Asthma, Antibiotic, Diuretic, Malaria, Hypertension

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Lactuca capensis

 Scientific Name: Lactuca Capensis

Yoruba Name: Ewe Yanrin

Common Name: Lettuce Leaves

Family: Compositae

Part used: Leaves

Medicinal use(s):  Diuretic, Constipation

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Scientific Name :Bryophyllum Pinnatum

Yoruba Name: Ewe Abamoda

Common Name: Miracle Leaves

Family: Crassulaceae

Part used:Leaves, roots, leaf sap

Medicinal use(s): Cough, Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Wounds,  Fever, Sedative, Diuretic, Epilepsy,Anti-fungal, Antimicrobial, Anticancer.


Scientific Name: Zingiber Officinale

Yoruba Name: Atale Funfun

Common Name: Ginger

Family: Zingiberaceae

Part used: Rhizome

Medicinal use(s): Cold, Cough, Asthma, Stimulant,                       Rheumatism, Piles, Hepatitis, Liver diseases, Obesity, Typhoid fever, Malaria, Digestive disorders


Scientific Name: Dioscorea Dumetorum

Yoruba Name: Esuru

Common Name: Bitter Yam

Family: Dioscoreaceae

Part used: Tuber, leaves

Medicinal use(s): Colic, analgesic, skin diseases, psychic troubles, malaria, antibilharzial


 Scientific Name: Enantia Chlorantha

Yoruba Name: Awopa

Common Name: Lettuce Leaves

Family: Annonaceae

Part used: Stem Bark

Medicinal use(s): Typhoid fever, Malaria, Jaundice, Ulcer, Rickettsia, Haemostatic, Ineffective hepatitis.

Khaya Grandifoliola

Scientific Name: Khaya Grandifolia

Yoruba Name: Epo Oganwo

Common Name: African Mahogany

Family: Meliaceae

Part used: Stem, Bark, Root

Medicinal use(s): Treatment of convulsion, Fever, Threatened abortion, Rheumatism And Dermatomycosis.
Treatment of malaria and anemia.
Treatment of malaria,jaundice, anemia,                                                 arthritis; antihelmintic


Scientific Name: SphenocentrumJollyanum

Yoruba Name: Ewe Akerejupon

Common Name: Unknown

Family: Menispermaceae

Part used: Root, Fruit

Medicinal use(s): Treatment of high blood pressure with leaves of Commiphora africana; Cough, Wounds,         Fever, Jaundice, Breast swelling related to menstrual cycle, Malaria; Aphrodisiac.

Olax Subscorpioidea

Scientific Name: Olax Subscorpioidea

Yoruba Name: Ifon

Common Name: Unknown

Family: Olacaceae

Part used: Stem-Bark, Root, Leaves, Twigs

Medicinal use(s): Yellow fever, Jaundice, Guinea worm, Toothache,
Venereal diseases, Mental disorders.


Scientific Name: Tetrapleura Tetraptera

Yoruba Name: Aidan, Aridan

Common Name: Unknown

Family: Leguminosae

Part used: Bark, Pod

Medicinal use(s): Convulsions, Fever, Cough, Asthma, Insomnia, Poison antidote, Fractured bones, Gonorrhea,                                               Rheumatism, Infertility, Bilharzia.


Scientific Name: Lecaniodiscus Cupanioides

Yoruba Name: Akika

Common Name: Unknown

Family: Sapindaceae

Part used: Leaves, roots, young shoots, seeds, stem-bark

Medicinal use(s): Fever, Burns, Liver abscesses, Jaundice, Cough, Malaria; Purgative,Aphrodidiac

Lippia multiflora

Scientific Name: Lippia Multiflora

Yoruba Name: Efirin-Gogoro, Efirin-Oko

Common Name: Path-vinegar

Family: Verbenaceae

Part used: Whole plant

Medicinal use(s): Malaria, Hypertension, Cough, Jaundice, Sleeping sickness, Antipyretic

Jatropha curcas


Scientific Name: Jatropha Curcas

Yoruba Name: Ewe Botuje, Ewe Lapalapa

Common Name: Physic nut, Nettlespurge.

Family: Euphorbiacea

Part used: Seed,Leaves, Stem, Roots, Sap.

Medicinal use(s): Ringworm, Eczema, Scabies, Fever, Ringworm, Herpes, Rectal eczema,Black tongue, Whit-low, Impotence, Irregular menses, Convulsion small pox; Colic

Jatropha Gossypifolia

Scientific Name: Jatropha Gossypifolia

Yoruba Name: Ewe Botuje Pupa, Ewe Lapalapa Pupa

Common Name: Bellyache bush, Black physic-nut or cotton-leaf

Family: Euphorbiacea

Part used: Stem latex

Medicinal use(s): Ringworm, Ascariasis, Antitumor, Malaria ,Dysentery,Dysmenrrhoea.

Jatropha multifida

Scientific Name: Jatropha Multifida

Yoruba Name: Ogege

Common Name:   Coral Plant

Family: Euphorbiacea

Part used: Sap

Medicinal use(s): Coated tongue

Cymbopogon Citratus

Scientific Name: Cymbopogon Citratus

Yoruba Name: Kooko-Oba.

Common Name:  lemon grass or oil grass

Family: Poaceae

Part used: Leaves, Root

Medicinal use(s): With Lippia to treat malaria; contains highly valued essential oil; Malaria, Cough,Sprains,lumbago,Diuretic           Diaphoretic.

Dioclea Secandens

Scientific Name: Dioclea Secandens

Yoruba Name: Agbarin, Epe, Arin

Common Name: Unknown

Family: Leguminosae

Part used: Seed

Medicinal use(s): Used to reduce high body temperature.

Lawsonia Inermis

Scientific Name: Lawsonia Inermis

Yoruba Name: Ewe Laali, Lali

Common Name: Hina, Henna

Family: Lythraceae

Part used: Leaves, flower, bark

Medicinal use(s): Spermatorrhoea, jaundice, gonorrhoea, leucorrhoea, ulcer, malaria, menorrhagia, astringent.

Ficus Exasperata

Scientific Name: Ficus Exasperata

Yoruba Name: Epin

Common Name: Forest Sandpaper

Family: Moraceae

Part used: Leaves, Bark, Root, Seeds

Medicinal use(s): Hypertension, Scabies, Stomach disorders, Gonorrhoea, Urinary ailments,Jaundice; Arbotifacient,Aantipyret

Vernonia Amygdalina

Scientific Name: Vernonia Amygdalina

Yoruba Name: Ewuro

Common Name: Bitter Leaf

Family: Asteraceae

Part used: Leaves,Stem, Root

Medicinal use(s): Measles,Stomachache,Ringworm, Toothache,Gingivitis, Pneumonia, Malaria, Diabetes.

Phyllanthus Amarus

Scientific Name: Phyllanthus Amarus

Yoruba Name: Eyin-olobe

Common Name: small-Leaf

Family: Euphorbiaceae

Part used: Whole plant

Medicinal use(s): Fever, Ringworm, Gonorrhea, Diabetes.

Alstonia Congensis

Scientific Name: Alstonia Congensis

Yoruba Name: Epo Ahun

Common Name: Stool Wood

Family: Apocynaceae

Part used: Bark

Medicinal use(s): Malaria, ToothacheAstringent 

Mangifera Indica

Scientific Name: Mangifera Indica

Yoruba Name:  Ewe Mangoro

Common Name: Mango leaf

Family: Anacardiaceae

Part used: Leaves,Stem-bark, Root

Medicinal use(s): Malaria, Diarrhea,diabetes, hypertension, hemorrhage, insomnia, insanity, asthma, cough; astringent, antihelmintic, emmenagogue.

Nauclea Latifolia

Scientific Name: Nauclea Latifolia

Yoruba Name: Egbesi

Common Name: African Peach

Family: Rubiaceae

Part used: Inner Bark, Stem,Ssap, Roots, Fruits, Root-bark

Medicinal use(s): Cough, Febrile condition, Thrush, Jaundice, Pile, Measles, Sore, Stomach disorders, Menstrual disorders; Emetic.
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