Natural Home Remedies For Chilblains Treatment

Natural Home Remedies For Chilblains Treatment
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In this article we will talk about Chilblains treatment at home, what are chilblains, chillblains, how to get rid of chilblains and chilblains cure.

Natural Home Remedies For Chilblains Treatment

What Are Chilblains?

Chilblains also known as pernioChill Burns and perniosis  is a medical condition that occurs when a predisposed individual is exposed to cold and humidity, causing tissue damage. It is often confused with frostbite and trench foot. Damage to capillary beds in the skin causes redness, itching, inflammation,  and sometimes blisters.

Chilblains can be reduced by keeping the feet and hands warm in cold weather, and avoiding extreme temperature changes. Chilblains can be idiopathic (spontaneous and unrelated to another disease), but may also be a manifestation of another serious medical condition that needs to be investigated. A history of chilblains is suggestive of a connective tissue disease (such as lupus). Chilblains in infants, together with severe neurologic disease and unexplained fevers, can be seen in Aicardi–Goutières syndrome, a rare inherited condition.

Chilblains are little, irritated, painful lumps that grow on the skin. They grow as an anomalous reaction to cool. They usually go away over 7-14 days. If you are inclined to developing chilblains then you should try to keep warm in cold weather. Here we will talk about chilblains treatment at home and chilblains cure:

Chilblains Natural Treatment At Home / How To Treat Chilblains

  1. Grind 10 Neem leaves (Azadirachta indica) to make a paste. Apply this paste on affected area for 30 minutes and then wash with water.
  2. Lack of vitamins is the reason of Chilblains so eat fruits and vegetables to get proper vitamins. Take vitamin b complex supplement everyday.
  3. Mix juice of one lemon in lukewarm water. Soak your legs or hands in that water for 15 minutes. Now clean affected area with a brush and towel to clear dead skin. Apply pure Vaseline on affected area and cover with socks.
  4. Avoid cold water and stay away from dust and soap.
  5. Make a paste of glycerin and rose water. Massage legs with this paste every night before going to bed.
  6. Mix some rock salt in mustard oil and massage your legs with this oil. Then cover your legs with socks.
  7. If you have chilblains because of uncovered legs and cold weather then mix 25gm wax or petroleum jelly in 50gm sesame oil. Put this mixture on low flame for 5 minutes to mix both content very well. Store this mixture in a pot. Take 2 glass lukewarm water and mix 1 tablespoon salt or alum powder. Soak your legs in this water for 10 minutes before going to bed every night. Now rub your legs with a towel to remove dead skin. Apply this petroleum jelly and sesame oil mixture on infected area. Within one week you feel great relief. Its best chilblains treatment at home.

Beeswaxsesame oil

8. After washing your legs with lukewarm salt water, massage your legs with castor oil. Castor oil is best for chilblains cure and chilblains treatment at home.

9. If you have corns on feet or corns on toes and have question in mind that how to get rid of corns then castor oil is best remedy for corns. Massage castor oil on corns for few days. If you have rough skin on hands then massage hands with castor oil for few days will make hands softer.

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