Natural Home Remedies For Eye Diseases

Natural Home Remedies For Eye Diseases
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The Human Eye is the Organ that Gives Us Sight. It is the most important organ of our body. For healthy eyes our overall heath must be good.


Natural Home Remedies For Eye Diseases

In this article I will tell you different natural ways of eye treatment.

Water Therapy For Eyes With Rose Water

  1. Wash eyes with cold water every day in morning, afternoon and evening. If possible then mix rose water in cold water and then wash your eyes. It takes away heat from your eyes.

Rose water   2. Take 1 table spoon triphala churna (mixture of amla and Inknut) and soak it in water for whole night a clay pot. Next morning filter this water and use it to wash your eyes.

3. Like body bath, eyes bath is beneficial for eyes. For eyes bath, take a bowl and fill it with cold water. Now open and close your every eye one by one in this water for few minutes. Remember your eyes should be totally inside the bowl in this procedure.

4. Take some dewdrop every morning and apply inside your eyes.

5. Taking cold water stream on head is very beneficial for eyes. It increases power of eyes.

6. Every morning fill your mouth with cold water for minimum 1 minute. During this period wash your eyes with triphala water 3-4 times. After one minute spit this water out of your mouth. Follow this process again.

Exercise For Eyes

  1. Do palming and eye exercise every day by moving eyes left to right , up to down.
  2. Every night before going to bad, take a bowl of bronze and apply some pure butter on it. Now rub this bowl on bottom portion of leg for 10 minutes. If your bottom portion gets black then do not wash it but cleanse with a cloth.
  3. Close your eyes for 5 minutes after every 4 hours. It will provide some rest to your eyes.

Eye exercise

Food For Eyes

  1. Eat lot of green vegetables like cabbage, pea, karela (Bitter Gourd), spinach, methi (fenugreek), lauki (Bottle Gourd ), green coriander, green chilies, mint, bathua (lamb’s quarters)
  2. Take salad of khira (Cucumber), kakdi , tomato and radish every day.
  3. Take 5 tulsi leaves (Basil / Ocimum tenuiflorum), one black pepper and misri everyday.
  4. Take juice of carrot and chukandar (beetroot) everyday.
  5. Soak 5 Almonds every night in water. Next morning peal almond cover and eat. After that take 1 glass milk. It is best remedy for eyes.
  6. Amla benefits and uses : Take amla (Phyllanthus emblica / amalaki ) murabba everyday. Amla is rich of vitamin C so if fresh amla is available then take 50gm amla juice everyday especially in winter season. In summer season you can take amla powder every day before going to bed.
  7. Take soaf (fennel seeds) twice a day with sugar. It increases eye sights.
  8. Take orange, guava, jamun (Jambul Fruit / Indian blackberry) , apple and pineapple every day.
  9. Take lemon water every day in the morning.
  10. Take juice of green coriander and apply 2 drops in every eye.
  11. Walk everyday on green grass without sleepers.

What To Avoid?

  1. Do not sit in front of computer screen for long time. Use anti glare glasses on computer screen.
  2. Between readings close your eyes for 5 minutes to give some rest.
  3. Book reading should be under good light. Low light increases load on eyes.

Suryamukhi Yoga For Eyes

Early morning sit and face the sun. Close your eyes, move your neck forward and backward.
Now move your neck from left to right and right to left little bit fast for several minutes.
Follow same process with eyes. Do this for 10 minutes. Now show your back to sun and do palming. This whole procedure should be followed 2 twice a day. This is best yoga for eye pain and increases eye sight. In eye problems, taking sun heated blue bottle water every day and washing eyes with same water is very beneficial.

To make sun heated blue bottle water, take a big blue bottle (so you can use this water for large number of days) and fill it with clean water. Now close this bottle tightly and put it under sun rays for 10 days. This bottle must face sun rays minimum 7 hours every day. After 10 days you can use this water to wash your eyes and drink. Following same procedure you can make red, yellow and green sun heated water. Sun heated water is magical water which protects you from almost all diseases.

Suryamukhi yoga for eyes


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