Natural Home Remedies To Increase Breast Milk

milk2 - Natural Home Remedies To Increase Breast Milk
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Nursing moms, particularly first-time moms, regularly stress over whether their supply of breast milk is satisfactory. Most mothers create enough breast milk for their child. In any case, now and again a few moms are not able to deliver satisfactory amount of milk.

Natural Home Remedies To Increase Breast Milk

Low breast milk supply can be because of specific sicknesses, utilization of anticonception medication pills, certain hormonal changes in the body, dietary lacks, inappropriate locking position of the infant and rare breastfeeding because of cracked nipples.

Inadequate breast milk can put your baby at a high risk of malnutrition, a weak immune system, poor memory and many other health problems.

In this article we will discuss about best natural ways to increase breast milk in woman.

Natural Home Remedies To Increase Breast Milk

1. Grind Punarnava Leaves ( known as “Ewe Etiponla” in Western  part of Nigeria) with bare hands, and use for bathing the breast. It increases breast milk in big quantity.


2. Pregnant woman should eat Colocasia roots vegetable everyday or every other days. This should be continued after child birth. It increases breast milk in big quantity.

Colocasia roots

3. Eating Beet root is very beneficial for breastfeeding mothers. Its not only increases milk but also increases blood.

4. Massage your breasts every days with castor oil for 40 days. It surely increases the milk quantity in your breast. Its one of best home remedies to increase breast milk.

5. Eating grapes increases breast milk in women.

6.  Eat raw onion everyday after eating food.

7. Eat black lentils with butter everyday. It increases breast milk.

8. Make paste of saffron with some water and apply this paste on breasts. It will increase breast milk.

9. Chew 2 table spoon of sesame seeds everyday. If you can not chew then make a paste of sesame seeds and consume. It will increase milk very fast.

10. Take some roasted cumin powder and mix some candy sugar in it. Consume 2 table spoonful of this mixture everyday during breastfeeding. Its one of best home remedies to increase breast milk.


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