Natural Home Remedies For Normal Periods (Irregular Menstruation)

Natural Home Remedies For Normal Periods (Irregular Menstruation)
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 Natural Home Remedies For Normal Periods (Irregular Menstruation)

Natural Home Remedies For Normal Periods (Irregular Menstruation)

1. Eat Lindipipal powder (long pepper) with honey.

2. During menstruation, if you have back pain then take one table spoonful of tulsi (Holy basil) juice.

3. Coriander and coriander seeds decreases your sex power and stops painful & strong menstruation in women.

4. Bake turmeric and eat with jaggery. It gives strength to women uterus which leads to regular menstruation in woman.

5. If blood is coming out in big quantity during periods then grind some coriander, mix with rice water and consume. Do this twice a day during menstruation periods.

6. Eating pea is beneficial in irregular menstruation.

7. Take some sesame seeds, .5gm dried ginger, little black pepper and Piper longum. Boil all these in one cup of water for 7 to 10 minutes. After 10 minutes filter this water and drink slowly. It makes menstruation cycle smooth.

8. Take 50gm Mesua ferrea (nagkesar ) and 50gm candy sugar. Grind both to make a powder and filter with a clean cloth. Now divide this powder in same quantity of 5gm each. Eat 5gm every morning for 2 months. This natural treatment improves total woman health.

9. Soak fenugreek seeds in water for whole night. Next morning eat fenugreek seeds with 25gm jaggery. It prevents female uterus problems and makes uterus work more smoothly throughout every menstruation cycle.

10. If you have heavy menstrual bleeding, then take dried pomegranate peel. Grind these peels to make a paste and mix this paste in one glass of water. Filter this water and drink. It will stop heavy menstrual bleeding.

11. Take 20 gm dry coriander and boil with 200 gm water. When water gets 50 gm then strain and mix some candy sugar in it. Consuming this water will stop heavy bleeding.

12. Take dry coriander, sugar and pure butter. Mix all and consume. It will stop heavy menstrual bleeding.

13. Take radish seeds, carrot seeds and fenugreek seeds. Grind all to make a powder and mix well. Take 10 gm of this mixture with normal water during periods. If your periods had been stopped few years back then its best home remedy to start periods again.

14. Take half table spoon of banana stem juice very morning with empty stomach.

15. Take 8 table spoonful of sesame seeds, little jaggery and powder of 10 black pepper. Boil all these in one glass of water. When water gets half then let it be cool, strain and drink. Follow this every morning and evening. Start this 10 days before of your menstrual periods till periods last date. It will make your menstrual periods smooth and pain less.

16. Boil few mint leaves in water, strain and drink this water. It will start your menstrual cycle again if that has been stopped.

17. Take bitter gourd juice and mix some sugar in it. Consume it everyday for one week. Bitter gourd fulfills the need of phosphorus and increases your hunger.

18. Mix 50 gm jaggery with 100 gm coconut and eat for 7 days.

19. Eat 50 gm dates fruit everyday for 7 days. It will start your menstrual cycle again.

20. If there are lot of blood coming out during menstrual periods then take 250 gm cow milk and mix 2 gm banana leaves juice in it. Take this mixture every morning with empty stomach for 7 days.

21. Take powder of 3 black pepper and mix with one teaspoon of honey. Eat this mixture every morning and evening for 1 month. It will prevent menorrhagia and make your periods regular.

22. If you have irregular menstruation with pain then take Cassia fistula pulp 4gm (amaltas), Azadirachta indica skin 3gm and dried ginger 3gm. Crush these all and mix with 10gm jaggery. Boil this mixture in 100gm water. When water quantity drops to 1/4 then filter this water and drink. Follow this process once everyday during periods. It will stop pain during menstruation and menstruation will be smooth.

23. During menstruation take little saffron with 1gm Akarkara or Pellitory powder (Anacyclus pyrethrum) 3 times a day.

24. Boil .5gm saffron in one glass milk and take it. It will make your periods normal and pain free.

25. Mix 1gm saffron with .5gm camphor. Eat this mixture 3 days before menstruation in the morning. Your periods will be smooth and pain free.

26. Eating raw papaya is very beneficial in irregular menstruation to make it regular.

27. Take 2 table spoon juice of Aloe Vera everyday. Take this juice every morning for one week. It prevents all problems during periods and make menstruation smooth.

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