Take your smoothie to the next level: 10 Superfood powders that will boost your nutrition

Smoothies Fruits Vegetables - Take your smoothie to the next level: 10 Superfood powders that will boost your nutrition
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(Health News) One way of easily filling up your daily nutrient needs is by drinking smoothies.

Smoothies Fruits Vegetables - Take your smoothie to the next level: 10 Superfood powders that will boost your nutrition

Here are 10 superfood powders for your smoothie that will boost your nutrition (h/t to Waking Times, link above):

  1. Moringa – Moringa is rich in nutrients. It is very powerful that even only about one tablespoon of moringa powder contains the nutrients equivalent to one full serving of vegetables. It is rich in iron, potassium, and vitamins A, B6, and C. It has 17 times more protein than milk and is packed with essential amino acids. If you add this natural detoxifier in your smoothie, it will purify and nourish your blood, bone marrow, muscle tissues, and fat tissues. Moringa removes free radicals in the body to prevent diseases. It also contains the antioxidants quercetin and chlorogenic acid. Quercetin lowers blood pressure, while chlorogenic acid balances blood sugar levels after meals.
  2. Camu camu – Camu camu is mostly grown in Amazon rainforests. One teaspoon ofcamu camu powder contains 1180 percent of the recommended daily intake for vitamin C. It is an effective herb against asthma, colds, glaucoma, cataracts, gingivitis, hepatitis, infertility, migraines, and osteoarthritis. Moreover, it is a powerful antioxidant and maintains ligaments, tendons, and collagen, lessens inflammation, and fights skin aging.
  3. Wheatgrass – Wheatgrass is over 20 times denser in nutrients compared to any other vegetable. Furthermore, out of the 102 nutritional elements found in food, 98 of them can be found in wheatgrass. It restores alkalinity to the blood, protects the liver, removes toxins in the body, cleanse the organs and digestive tract, stimulates metabolism, and reduces blood pressure. Organic wheatgrass powder is a good and affordable supplement that you can easily get to use in your smoothies.
  4. Turmeric – Turmeric contains high amounts of curcumin that is rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It is an effective cure for chronic inflammation and fights off free radicals, protects brain degeneration. Turmeric also contains nutrients that are beneficial for the liver and digestive system. Moreover, studies have found that it can inhibit cancer growth, development, and spread at the molecular level. (Related: Turmeric Smoothie is the Breakfast of Champions.)
  5. Shilajit – [See heavy metals warning at the end of this paragraph.] Shilajit is a sticky substance mainly found in Himalayan rocks which develops for centuries from the slow decomposition of plants. It is comprised of fresh and modified remnants of humus. It contains at least 85 minerals, which makes it one of the most nutrient-dense substances worldwide. It prevents mental and physical stress, normalizes the body, and slows down aging. It also revitalizes cells by driving oxygen and nutrients into the cell, boosts the immune system, strengthens bones, and improves memory. [Editor’s note: We have tested shilajit products at CWC Labs and found many of them contain concerning levels of heavy metals, including lead and arsenic. Be extremely cautious about using shilajit.]
  6. Chaga mushrooms – Chaga mushroom is known by the Siberians as the “Gift from God” and the “Mushroom of Immortality”. It contains the highest level of antioxidants among any other food and the highest amount of superoxide dismutase. It also stops bacterial growth, lessens pain and inflammation, supports liver health, and enhances the immune system.
  7. Dandelion – Dandelions support the liver and pancreas by filtering toxins and waste from the bloodstream. It is also a powerful antioxidant that aids in cleansing the gastrointestinal tract. Furthermore, it prevents cancer by making cancer cells “commit suicide” without harming healthy cells.
  8. Spirulina – Spirulina is an edible blue-green algae that is packed with protein, amino acids, iron, folic acid, B vitamins, selenium, and manganes. It is also the greatest known vegetable source of vitamin B12 and the best source of gamma-linolenic acid, an anti-inflammatory that supports the nervous system.
  9. Cacao – Cacao contains flavonols that boost cognition, like improving memory and attention span. It also relieves stress and depression, and enhances metabolism and heart health. Cacao powder is not that sweet, but it has an amazing flavor that makes smoothie taste better.
  10. Chlorella – Chlorella is a green single-celled micro-algae that has a very high level of chlorophyll. It detoxifies the body by removing heavy metals, such as mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminum, and barium, in the body’s tissues. Moreover, every chlorella algae cell has all 21 amino acids and is also rich in beta-carotene and vitamin C.

Find out more about superfoods at Superfoods.news.

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