The Top 10 Foods That Severely Harm Your Teeth

The Top 10 Foods That Severely Harm Your Teeth - The Top 10 Foods That Severely Harm Your Teeth
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Your smile is one of the main things that form people’s first impressions.

the top 10 foods that severely harm your teeth233115336 - The Top 10 Foods That Severely Harm Your Teeth

And why would you want it to look wreaked in any way or slightly unhealthy? You do all the right things – take it easy on the sweets, visit the dentist, and so on. But still, there are foods that are plain bad for your teeth despite all your effort to keep them healthy. And you’d be surprised which ones they are. They can do some serious harm.

Read on to find out more!

1. Blueberries

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Well, we’re starting off with something basic here. Blueberries don’t harm your teeth exactly but, wouldn’t you believe it, they paint them blue! They’re high in something called chromogens, which give that blue stain (1). If you aren’t crazy about the stuff, you’ve nothing to worry about. However, blueberry fans out there need to watch out for those stains.

2. White Wine

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White wine in itself is alright, it does contain acids and tannins that weaken your enamel. This could lead to other foods readily damaging your teeth. Tannins have a tendency to bind to tooth enamel and weakening it. Follow the white wine with a berry or a tomato and you’re just looking for trouble.

3. Red Wine

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Here we have another beverage that’s high in chromogens. It’s also high in tannins and is very acidic (2). Just like white wine, you’re in for a vulnerable set of teeth with a glass too many. Watch out especially if you’re mixing it with any of the others on this list.

4. Chips

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Chips are a well-known source of carbohydrates. And saliva in your mouth turns them into glucose like a factory worker. Let’s all remember what we know about glucose: your body needs it but it’s bad for teeth. Now, you wouldn’t want a cavity, would you? Chips also leave behind some trash – dental plaques. So, rinsing your mouth after the snack is a good idea.

5. Chewing Gum

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Chewing gum might come as a devil of a surprise to a lot of you, given how it freshens your mouth. But guess what? It harms your dental fillings, bridges, and crowns. It also increases the amount of saliva present in your mouth, which means a more alkaline pH. Alkalis damage your enamel and dental fillings. So, it’s a two way hit with this one, hence, be careful when you’re chewing.

6. Popcorn

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Who doesn’t enjoy a good bucket of popcorn with a movie? Caramel flavoured, buttered – my god, the varieties! But not every boxful contains only popped popcorn. The leftover seeds can harm crowns and damage your teeth. Besides, let’s not forget that popcorn too is a rich source of carbohydrates and we already know what that does.

7. Tomatoes

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That’s right! Some people know that the tomato is actually a fruit and not a vegetable. Fewer people know that it’s acidic and can increase your teeth sensitivity. They cause other damages too (3). This isn’t just for the raw fruit, but sauces, stews, soups, and everything made from it.

8. Bread, Potatoes And Macaroni

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What’s wrong with bread, you ask? They even had it at the last supper. But bread, along with potatoes and macaroni contain a lot of starch which is a no-no for teeth. It creates the perfect environment for dental plaque. There’s also the danger of starch turning into carbohydrates and we all remember what happens then. Carbohydrates seem to be everywhere, don’t they?

9. Dried Fruit

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Dried fruits are always presented as a healthy option. However, have you noticed that they stick to your teeth like nobody’s business? They’re made of sugar, a carbohydrate (those damn carbs again!), which erodes enamel and paves way for cavities (4).

10. Tea

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Tea contains fluorides that damage your teeth in the long run. It is also acidic and contains tannins, which bind to your enamel and harms it. We’re not just talking about brewed tea, iced tea has the same effect. You might be able to brush it off, quite literally, but it isn’t a 100% eradicated. Apart from the damage, it tends to stain your enamel, making those pearly whites look bad.

We are so deceived these days by what we think is healthy that we forget that there are downsides too. Sure, some pasta with tomato sauce every now and again isn’t the worst thing in the world. However, you can’t take it too far. How many people have a few cups of tea every day? They say India survives on tea. Think about that smile and those white pearls in your mouth when you have your next cuppa. Think before you order your snack at the movies. And watch out for those damn carbohydrates!

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